Polistic Approved Yoga Poles

Polistic Approved Yoga Poles





Our team of professionals have been reviewing and testing home Yoga Poles for almost 2 decades now.

We know you will love the power of the Yoga Pole in your own space. We do make a small share of sales or other compensation from some links on this page. Read our policy here

Believe it or not, the Yoga Pole is the most functional at home fitness tool you can have today. 

There are many options for Yoga Poles and it can be confusing to learn the differences. (Yes, it's just a pole, but there is a big difference!! Think Lamborghini Vs Hyundai... you get it.. Yoga Poles are JUST like Jewellery and CARS .. .you get what you pay for!) 

But, guess what? All of these Yoga Poles are easy to put up, without drilling holes and using power tools! 

Anyone can use the Yoga Pole since we stay completely on the ground in Polistic Yoga! 

It is OK if you aren't strong enough or flexible, YET! That is what the Yoga Pole is here to help you with! 

Here is a list of our favorite Yoga Poles! 

#1. Best Selling Lupit Home Yoga Pole is our favorite lifetime investment Yoga Pole. This thing is like driving a Bugatti compared to a Pinto.  It is the best home Yoga Pole in the world for all the right reasons. Easy to travel with and take up and down. High quality material, extensions, light weight, carry bag, great customer service and angle or permeant mount accessory makes this the best choice. 

Order the Yoga Pole WITH the extension! This will make the pole range from 6 feet to 10 feet! 

(Learn More and purchase your Lupit Yoga Pole HERE)


#2 The "Amazon" Yoga Pole is the lowest price and fastest shipping making this a great option for a beginner or if you have a tight budget. The quality is a lot less and it is more difficult to take up and down, but we still think it's WAY better than living without a Yoga Pole. 

Ceilings must be 9 foot, FLAT ceilings for this Yoga Pole. 

(Learn More and purchase your "Amazon" Yoga Pole HERE)


 #3 The Lupit Pole Stage is the perfect Yoga Pole for those that crave adventure and outdoors! Take your Lupit Pole Stage outside and practice Polistic in nature for an out of this world experience! 

BEST Pole Stage on the Market! 

Get the Lupit Pole Stage and take your Yoga Pole anywhere in the world! 

(Learn more and purchase your Lupit Stage HERE) 

Do you need a Yoga Pole?

Maybe you have only thought of the Yoga Pole as a "stripper pole." While you can use the Yoga Pole for all types of pole including dance and fitness we LOVE Polistic Pole Yoga the MOST! 

Polistic Yoga can be practiced at any age, by any one, anywhere you have your Yoga Pole.


There are 52 Polistic Poses all on the ground, and this technique feels so good to show up for. 

 The Yoga Pole gives you the power to feel good in your body again. 

We think the Yoga Pole is  #1 MUST  have tools for MOMS who love feeling and looking their best. 


Think of the Yoga Pole as your personal portal to another world where pleasure, flexibility, and joy are the flow.
It is easy to show up when it feels this good. 
This system isn't about turning someone else on, it's about Turing our self on in all the right ways. 


Polistic Yoga founder Jen, is all about helping her students unlock the magic of the Yoga Pole with the Polistic System.
Once you get your Yoga Pole your going to need the Polistic Yoga Guide & Journal and all the Polistic gear for a successful journey. 
She teaches LIVE online in her academy, hosts international retreats and is on tour to share this system around the world.  
You will be AMAZED at how INCREDIBLE you feel after each session with Jen.
Join the evolution today and join Jen and the other Polistic Yogis at the Yoga Pole now.
The online Polistic Yoga studio is always open and live workshops and events keep you up to date and connected.
Click here to join now! 



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What’s the best pole to get if you live in an apartment and just are beginning this process?

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