What’s the difference in Polistic Yoga and Pole Dance?

What’s the difference in Polistic Yoga and Pole Dance?



Polistic Yoga is a new way to use the Fitness/Stripper/Yoga Pole. There are some distinct differences in Polistic and every other Pole practice. Let's dig in. 

The pole is controversial, but most have never heard the real story or experienced the benefits.

Pole Dancing has been the most common form of Pole Fitness in America for the last 100 years.

In the 1920s to the “Hootchie Coochie” Belly Dancers birthed the modern pole dance. The Hootchie Coochie dance was a sensuous dance involving movement of the hips typically done by middle eastern women, hence the term “exotic dancer.”

In the 1920s the dancers began using the tent poles in sideshows at the State Fairs to lure in customers.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the pole moved from tents to the bar, and was combined with burlesque dancing.

In the ’90s Fawnia Mondey created the first pole training video to use the pole in fitness exercises. Since its introduction into the fitness world, the pole has become a relevant fitness tool for women across the planet.

Since those first training videos, Pole dancing has become a popular form of recreational and competitive sport.

There is even Pole Olympics now, and one day we will see Pole Dance/Fitness as a legit, respected sport.

Polistic Pole Yoga is the newest form of Pole. It has taken the Pole from the strip club to the yoga studio, now, safely home to you. 

Polistic Yoga incorporates yoga asanas with the pole. 

Spine alignment, over strength and flexibility are the focus. Everything in Polistic is about balance. 

Polistic is mindful movement made fun! 

In Pole Dance and Pole Fitness, the poler uses their skin to attach to the pole for tricks and moves. Therefore, the poler is left wearing little clothing. 

We remain grounded in Polistic Yoga, so you can wear anything that is comfortable. 

There are 52 main poses in Polistic Plus Pole Yoga. 


Feel the best you ever have with Polistic Pole Yoga! 


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