Crystal Align Polistic Yoga Retreat in Mt Ida

Crystal Align Polistic Yoga Retreat in Mt Ida

Polistic began hosting retreats around the world in 2021.

We started in an uncommon, but important place; Mt Ida, Arkansas at the largest quartz crystal plate in North America.

(Special thanks to Richard and his team at Wegner Mines in Mt. Ida for making this possible, check them out here, and Mountain Harbor Resort cabin c25 for a magical stay. Reserve hereKollective Coffee for brunch, and Jessica Alsip with Fourfourteen Photography)

Crystals are known for their healing properties. Check out this post to learn more about crystals in general and where to find them.

The polers came to practice Polistic Yoga with a large amethyst crystal at Wagner Crystal Mine and experience the wonders of the crystals.

We began with and E-Bike tour in downtown Hot Springs after lunch at an amazing little coffee shop, Kollecitve, with the best gluten-free vegan pastries, eat here when you go!

We learned the hidden ancient history and tales of the area from a local tour guide. 

There are thermal underground hot water beneath the surfaces in Hot Springs.

These waters have healing properties. Even the moon rocks were stored in the water from here. Bill Clinton is also from this area and had the White House stocked with this precious water. Many presidents and some legendary gangsters have made the journey to healing in the water here.

There are places to fill your own jugs, and that is just what we did.
It was so much fun learning about the history and tasting the water.


We stayed at an incredible “cabin” overlooking the Ouitichita river.
One of the cleanest lakes in the country.

It was an incredible time to all be together and connect. We put up our Yoga  Poles inside and out, and all enjoyed them throughout the evening. Need a Yoga Pole? Find yours here

 Morgan Malone, a local energy/crystal healer, was the guest for the evening.

She brought loads of stones and crystals and shared their meanings. Each stone reacts differently with each individual.

She also shared a sound healing session that helped us attune our vibration. 

We made our own Crystal grids and then she interpreted what each stone meant that we picked.

There were so many breakthroughs and insights for each of us.

We stayed up late and enjoyed the stars in the Hot Tub and one of our attendees had a special Boudoir birthday photo shoot in the amazing bath tub! Retreats are the BEST birthday gifts! 

You never know what extra bonus's are in store at a Polistic Yoga Retreat! 

The next morning we took the Yoga Pole Stage to Wagner Mines in Mt. Ida. Richard, the owner, is a long-time friend and agreed we could practice pole in his crystal museum, but it had to be on a Monday when they are closed because of space and visitors


We set up the pole and had a professional photographer, Jessica Alsip from Four Fourteen Photography, take our photos.
Each Poler had time to ground with the amethyst and take time with the pole.


Some Polers shed tears, and some were totally blissed in smiles. It was the most magical moment for us all to experience together.

One of the best things about retreats is the opportunity for lifelong connections.
Especially since the shutdowns have created so much isolation.

You may show up alone, but you will leave as family. 

There are energy portals all over this world. We choose these places for retreats based on vibration and resonance.

Polistic Yoga is a harmonic, vibrational, based movement practice. Adding the energy of the land is simply an out-of-this-world experience.

You can turn your space into a healing Polistic Yoga sanctuary at home and enjoy the benefits of this practice right now.

Find your Yoga Pole here and join Polistic Yoga Academy HERE

Join Jennifer and the others on a magical adventure at home or get out and see the world the best way, with Jennifer and the Yoga Pole! 

Are you a pole, nature, adventure, energy lover who is ready for something that is in alignment with who you really are?

Read about the last Polistic Yoga international retreat in Costa Rica here 

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