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Polistic Yoga

Polistic Yoga Guide and Journal

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Pole Yoga; The Polistic Guide and Journal shares the evolution of pole fitness, 52 pole yoga poses, and features a journal to lead the reader into their own Polistic Yoga practice.

Chiropractor, Doctor, and Body Worker approved for healing and safety! 

Polistic Yoga is the only pole fitness practice where the poler never leaves the ground.

Any age, gender, or size can practice Polistic Pole Yoga.

Polistic Practitioner Jennifer Rollins has been creating with the Yoga Pole for almost 2 decades.

Her colorful stories and expertise on the pole inspire, uplift, and educate the reader.

Better Posture 

More Confidence 

Less Stress

Increase Hip Mobility 

Repair Weak Pelvic Floor 

Build Upper Body Strength 

Movement Meditation 

Decrease Risk of Injury 

Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Use the priceless journal in the back for your healing. 

Embark on your own transformation with the Polistic Yoga Polistic Guide and Journal.

Order your copy NOW to get started at home!