What is Polistic Pole Yoga?

What is Polistic Pole Yoga?

Welcome to Polistic Pole Yoga!

Connect with Polistic Yoga online in all the ways to live your best life anywhere in the world!  

Where Polers come to enjoy and enhance their well being! 

Polistic Yoga is a new way to use the Yoga (stripper/fitness) Pole to stretch into the best shape of your life! 
This new way is a blend of ancient technology of using the Vertical Pole as a grounding, centering, toning, tuning, balancing and strengthening TOOL! 

YES, ONE POLE DOES so much when you unlock THIS SYSTEM! 



Look & feel your best with this system that is focused on:
Proper spine alignment 
Core strength 
Flexibility and mobility 
Energy tuning 

What makes Polistic Yoga different? 


Polers stay grounded the entire practice that is focused on balance and spine structure for optimum health. 

The 52 poses align the poler equally and has taken away risk of injury which is a big problem in traditional Pole and Yoga. 
Each session is only 15- 30 minutes and the pole can also be used for a few minutes a time to stretch out stiff muscles and feel better instantly. 
Are you one of those people who is always on the move, but want something to help you slow down and get in tune? 
Or, are you looking to cultivate more energy to create the life of your dreams?

This is it! Polsitic is a unique form of  "movement meditation" made to help you tune in, tone up, and get turned on to the best parts of YOU! 

"Poling," or using a pole to move with, has been around for centuries.

It was only 100 years ago that the "hoochie coochie dancing girls" began using the pole to gyrate with at the state fair to increase the size of their audience, and tips! 

Previously ancient warriors used the pole to train on and was actually a predominately male oriented sport. 
Poling has now transformed into Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, and now..  Polistic Pole Yoga. 
Founder of Polsitic Yoga discovered a new way to use the Yoga Pole and has proven methods with success stories around the world. 


Now, you can bring home the benefits of Polistic safely to your own Polistic Yoga Sanctuary. 

Now more than ever people need connection and spine correction! 
Depression and chronic back pain is at an all time high and a little movement is proven to help. 
But what happens if you have something hindering you from moving?
Time, mobility, flexibility, or know how?
There are lots of obstacles people have to overcome and that is why we think adding a POLE to hold on to is the perfect way to find grounding and explore our inner workings. 

 Polistic Yoga has made it so easy to get started right at home! 

Are you looking for something new to spice up your life?

Polistic Yoga is fun fitness for any age !

Mom's love having a Yoga Pole because their kids LOVE practicing, playing and climbing the Pole, too! It's like a built in baby sitterPolistic Yoga has over 20 years of experience to you on your journey

You are meant to live a life feeling good! 

Imagine stretching your hips out and feeling stronger and more flexible for your daily routines. 


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